New Game Development: Basic Movement and Map Making

1 minute read

I started working on a new game centered around a racing and driving mechanic. Realizing that RPGMaker wasn’t a suitable tool for this endeavor I looked for a new game engine. I ended up settling on the Unity engine. First off I had to make a map I decided to make a simple city design for my player’s vehicle to explore. To do this I utilized a collection of tiles and game art by Kenny Studios. All of the tile-sets used in this project are in the Public Domain. I started out by designing a small portion of my city which used combined tiles scaled to the size needed so they all fit in place. For positioning I wrote a script to snap all tiles to a grid making sure they are always aligned. After setting up a small scene I got to work on the player’s control over the vehicle. This consisted of a car and options to go backwards, forwards and turn either left or right. Once I figured out how to enable the car’s moving forward I simply reused the same portion of the code and adjusted the segment for different purposes. These being rotation on the vertical or z axis (which in this case is perpendicular to the screen) for turning and ‘translating’ the car to different relative X and Y coordinates for the allowed motion to be forwards and backwards.

Here is an example of the control over the car system: